{Business Shenanigans} How on earth did I get here?!!

If you know me, or went to school with me, you know that I was 100% dead-set against starting my own practice. I even went so far as to get mouthy with one of my well-meaning and kind professors over the whole thing. I am not proud of that.

Business ownership scared me, small business taxes scared me (ok, they still scare me...), creating a business plan scared me...UNTIL I realized that because I was clearly never going to actually own my own business, I was free to dream and be wild about what this practice could look like. So I stopped being afraid and started getting creative. The business plan ended up with me opening up a house call practice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I researched the competition (there was one house call practice there), priced the housing (OH DEAR LORD, HOW DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE HERE???), and created a solid plan. I was giddy about how fun it was. I think this is where the seed was planted, but I really didn't take it very seriously...I mean sure, I'd love to live in that house I linked above (who wouldn't???) but come on, I was training to be a doctor, not an elevator--umm, I mean, business owner. 16 weeks later, I had to get my plan reviewed by a tax professional/business plan person and she told me I should go for it and that it was a really great, very creative plan--I just needed to realize my value and charge more for my services. WHAT?!? Mind blowing. The seed was being watered.

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Fast forward 2 years to the end of my internship. Dr. Nick Chancellor helped me wrap my brain around how I really probably might be able to do it on my own. He kept me aware of my smarts and my skills, as well as giving me the real deal on both working for another doc and starting my own practice--he had done both. At the end of my internship I was willing to venture that practicing on my own was a possibility. Especially after several...interesting...attempts at interviewing for a position in other doc's practices. I discovered that I had my own ideas about how I wanted to do things. I discovered that working for someone else would not allow me the freedom I desired. I discovered that my attitude was very different about my status as a physician in the State of Illinois. I discovered I was kind of an odd bird. And I discovered that the seed was looking like a little tree...

So I'm going to do this. Rebel Healthcare, LLC is in the paperwork stages of being formed. In January 2018 I will be a business owner. I guess I should revisit that fun little business plan I created all those years ago...and maybe go apologize to Dr. Hodges.

Feel free to heckle...but in a supportive, "You got this, Warrior Princess!" kind of way.