Rebel Healthcare: An explanation.

"The Unconventional Direct Pay Functional Medicine Chiropractor" seemed a bit too long for a business name, so I settled for Rebel Healthcare. Here are a few examples of the rebellion.

#1 I can help you with your chronic healthcare concerns. Conventional medicine is superb at acute care, such as emergencies and life-threatening infections--if you are currently experiencing an emergency, please DIAL 911. It is not, however, effective at dealing with chronic disease, discomfort, or pain--these are the issues that integrative and holistic medicine recognizes and treats fantastically, and the primary concerns that I am passionate about addressing.

#2 I am a Physician in the state of Illinois. As a Chiropractic Physician I may not prescribe drugs (and subsequently, no removing patients from drug therapies that their MD or DO has prescribed) and I may not do surgery (I have no training in surgical procedures). Other than that, I am free to practice rebellious medicine that changes lives. My passion and chosen path is helping others through Functional Medicine. I didn't even know that my passion had a designation or name, but hey, we found each other and I'm in love.

 #3 Chiropractic manipulation can be great physical (and energetic) medicine. I will adjust you when and where you need it, just like I will be addressing All The Things that are contributing to your discomfort or disease. Holistically, integratively, and functionally. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

#4 I don't take insurance. For one, insurance doesn't pay for PREVENTATIVE medicine. Pause for a moment and consider that. Secondly, I will not be a part of something that I consider broken and unethical. If you come to me, I will happily offer you all the services within my scope of practice. I operate as a direct care, direct pay physician. What this looks like is a membership-based system where you get a heck of a lot of access to me via in-person appointments, HIPAA compliant messaging and telemedicine, and phone calls for a monthly fee. Some things are not included in the cost of membership, because not everyone needs the same care. We will work together to determine what you need. It's an innovative approach that has proved itself and I believe it is the future of healthcare.

#5 I am a house call physician. Or office call. Or coffee house call. Wherever you are comfortable speaking with me about your health and wellness, I will come to you.

That, my friends, is Rebel Healthcare, the Dr. Harrison way.

Kirsten Harrison