Anxiety is not the Boss of You.

I have a Pretty Little PDF available about anxiety. It's my first creation that I am offering to readers and friends and I chose the topic of anxiety because it's freaking universal.

Read that last sentence again. please.

You know what, I'll just type it again for you: ANXIETY IS UNIVERSAL. I know, it's like a real medical diagnosis and stuff and OMG you must need a drug if you have a diagnosis, right? 

Well maybe. Maybe not.

Everyone for all time has gotten anxious about things. It's part of being human. What I'm saying is that you are not alone.

I have experienced paralyzing anxiety. I'm not speaking about that which I do not know. It's horrible, and scary as crap, and can ruin you for awhile. But I have wrangled it in and I know that you have so much more control over this than you think you do--because I do and I'm not so different from you. And maybe, just maybe, the latest drug is not the only or the best way to deal with anxiety and depression.

 Anxiety can:

  • ...give you heart palpitations and chest pain and make you drive yourself to the Emergency Room thinking you are having a heart attack. 
  • ...make you cry so much you wonder if you will ever stop.
  • ...make you think that you are in fact going crazy--and again you consider the ER. Can they admit you tonight and what will your friends think when they find out?
  • ...wake you up in the middle of the night because your heart is beating so fast that you think you may be dying, so you get out of bed and go sit on the kitchen floor to sob so you don't wake your Significant Other (who wakes up anyway and comes out to ask why on earth you are crying in the kitchen at 2 in the morning...).

Yeah, been there.

Anxiety-inducing situations will never go away. We have to learn to deal with them, and that is where the magic happens. There is lots of info out there on breathing and which drugs to ask your doctor about, but I didn't see much about how the choices we make and the environment we are exposed to could be affecting our levels of anxiety and depression (yeah, both). 

Consistency carves canyons.

As a physician who works on getting rid of the WHY rather than covering up the WHAT, I'm kinda into root cause management and resolution as well as personal responsibility, so I have some non-drug options for you to try in my Pretty Little PDF: real-life, proven actions that you have the power to choose that can keep that awful spiral of anxiety from creeping up on you. None of this is a quick-fix solution but it can be a permanent solution. It's little things done regularly that change us. Consistency carves canyons.

BUT! There's a caveat. The very first thing you must do before these methods will work is become more aware of your triggers and your weaknesses when it comes to overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression. You already know what some of them are. Take a minute and think. DO IT, be quiet and still for 30 seconds.

Yep, there they are. Remember them and watch for them. Writing them down will help if you want to do that. I'll wait for you here...

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Whoa. THAT was some good work you just did! I'm proud of you.

You just increased your awareness and your ability to deal with several scary parts of your human experience AND you are walking away with 3 important things to remember about anxiety: 

  1. You are not alone.
  2. Anxiety is not something you can get rid of.
  3. You have the power to take control of yourself. 

Now you have the opportunity to request my Pretty Little PDF on 5 ways to take control over anxiety by clicking the light purple button below...

Believe me: you've got this, I've got your back, and there is always hope--even in the midst of anxiety and depression, my friend.

Tell me your 3 biggest triggers in the comments--you can help me to better serve you by engaging with and enlightening me about you.

And if you found this information useful, please share it with someone you love who you think would also benefit from it. 

Thank you very much! Sending you love...

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